Google Allowed Advertisers to Target Keywords Like ‘Jewish Parasite’ and ‘Black People Ruin Everything’

Google has allowed advertisers to reach people by searching racist and bigoted terms, BuzzFeed News reported on Friday. The site also suggests additional problematic terms when some are typed into its ad-buying tool, according to the report. For example, reporters typed “White people ruin,” as an advertising keyword and Google suggested they also target people searching, “black people ruin neighborhoods.” The site suggested the terms “the evil jew” and “jewish control of banks” after reporters searched “Why do Jews ruin everything.” Google, the world's biggest advertising platform, reportedly removed several of the keywords after reporters brought the issue to their attention. “This violates our policies against derogatory speech and we have removed it,” a Google spokesperson said. ProPublica reported Thursday that Facebook also allowed its advertisers to target people using terms like “jew hater.”