Glock Jr.: Mom’s Lawsuit ‘Just Business’

The son and namesake of billionaire gunmaker Gaston Glock has issued a statement to The Daily Beast in response to his mother’s $500 million lawsuit against his father. The complaint filed by Helga Glock in a Georgia court last week alleges that Glock Sr. oversaw an elaborate racketeering scheme to steal the family business from his then-wife and heirs, and cheat them out of a fortune. Despite the sensational details of the suit—among them that Glock Sr. kept homes for mistresses around the world, left Helga Glock for a woman 50 years his junior, fired his children from the company, and cut ties with his grandchildren—Glock Jr. maintains the legal action is strictly about business. “The complaint filed by my mother is not about me and it’s not about my sister or my brother. It’s my mother’s complaint about a business dispute with a business partner,” Gaston Glock Jr. told The Daily Beast. “I have complete faith in the American courts to decide this fairly.”