Giuliani Protests New Met Opera Show

The spotlight is on New York's Metropolitan Opera—and not in a good way. Protestors, including former mayor Rudy Giuliani, are planning to make their opinion heard outside the opera house on Monday night for the opening of "The Death of Klinghoffer." The performance is about the 1985 Palestinian hijacking of a cruise ship hijacking and their murder of a disabled Jewish passenger, Leon Klinghoffer. Demonstrators say the opera distorts history and gives a voice to the hijackers. While some of them don't want the show not to open, Giuliani said he's not one of them. “I’m not saying it should be banned. I’m saying that people should be warned when they see it that it’s a distorted view of history. It didn’t tell the true story; it created for history a myth, and contributed to a sense of moral equivalency — that we should treat both sides the same.”