Girl Reports Rape, Gets Expelled

A young woman says she was kicked out of her high school after reporting a rape three years ago. Rachel Bradshaw-Bean said a boy had asked her to go into the band room, and then raped her. When she reported it to the band director, he told her “to work it out with the boy.” At first, Bradshaw-Bean didn’t even tell her parents, but eventually a friend persuaded her to tell the school—and her parents. “It kills you. You die,” said Bradshaw-Bean’s mother, Colleen Chevallier. “I’m not the same person I was before this.” But that wasn’t the end of their ordeal: police decline to press charges against the boy, closing the case the next day and saying the sex between the two was consensual. Most incredibly, Bradshaw-Bean says she and the boy were disciplined for “public lewdness” and sent to disciplinary school for 45 days.