Ginsburg Is a Woman All Alone

It’s hard to have girl power when you're surrounded by men. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told a symposium at Ohio State University she is sick of being the only woman on the Supreme Court. "It's lonely for me, not that I don't love all my colleagues. I do," she said. Since Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retired in 2006, she said she's felt lonesome at her job and also mentioned that women bring an important perspective to the job that her male colleagues can't provide. Ginsburg also wonders what the gender imbalance must look like to outsiders: "There I am all alone, and it doesn't look right." The 76-year-old justice, who was appointed by President Clinton in 1993, recently had surgery for pancreatic cancer. She is widely predicted to be the next on the bench to retire, though she says she’d like to have a 20-year run.