Ginnifer Goodwin Saves the Turkeys

Would you be willing to give up your Thanksgiving turkey for Ginnifer Goodwin? The Big Love actress has been appointed the official spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project, a national program asking supporters to adopt turkeys instead of eating them on Thanksgiving. “With so many delicious, cruelty-free Thanksgiving dishes available, there is no reason why any living being should have to suffer,” said Goodwin, who appears in video public-service announcements for the program, alongside a rescued turkey named Magnolia. The turkeys cost $25 to sponsor, and your donation includes a fun pack of photos and stats about your new poultry friend. (To be clear, the turkey remains in a shelter in California or New York. You don’t get to actually keep the turkey). The statistics behind the advocacy are startling: 250 million to 300 million turkeys are killed for consumption each year in the United States, 45 million of which are killed for Thanksgiving alone. Before they are slaughtered, the turkeys are kept in uncomfortable and unsanitary conditions and de-beaked and de-toed without anesthetic.