Person of Interest

Gillibrand’s C.V.

So who exactly is Kirsten Gillibrand? New York Magazine has a helpful primer: The new junior senator from New York speaks Mandarin and French, hired Howard Wolfson to run her first congressional run in 2006, and has a 100 percent rating with both the ACLU and the NRA. She’s run two New York City Marathons, represented Philip Morris as a lawyer, interned with former Republican Senator Al D’Amato, and voted with the Democratic caucus 93.8 percent of the time (which still made her the least liberal Democratic representative from New York in 2007). How did her British husband propose? “I gave her a snowball with a ring in it, and she was about to throw it, and I screamed, ‘No!— open it up.’—” “I did almost throw it at a squirrel,” she said.