Germany Is Reportedly Spying on U.S.

Turkey's foreign minister said the German ambassador was summoned to “discuss” reports that Germany's foreign intelligence agency had listened in on conversations between U.S. and Turkish officials. If the reports prove true, Turkey says it expects a “formal and satisfactory explanation” from Berlin. On Saturday, Der Spiegel published information claiming the German agency, BND, had eavesdropped on conversations made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, as well as his predecessor, Hillary Clinton. Turkey's foreign ministry stated that “If there is the slightest element of truth in the allegations, it would constitute a serious situation that would need to be explained by Germany” because “such practices would in no way be acceptable in an environment that requires mutual trust and respect between friends and allies.” The allegations come after a year of revelations and subsequent criticisms regarding the U.S. spying on Germany.