German Woman Who Joined ISIS Accused of Letting ‘Slave’ Child Die of Thirst

A female member of ISIS who was accused of letting a 5-year-old girl die of thirst in scorching sunlight is facing war-crimes charges in her native Germany. The 27-year-old woman, identified only as Jennifer W, and her husband bought the child as a house “slave” in the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2015, according to authorities. Prosecutors say the woman’s husband chained the girl up outside after she fell ill and wet her bed. “The accused allowed her husband to do so and did nothing to save the girl,” prosecutors said in a statement. If found guilty in a terrorism court in Munich, Germany, she faces a maximum sentence of life in jail. The 5-year-old girl was reportedly a prisoner of war when she was purchased by Jennifer W and her husband. The child may have been a member of the Yazidi minority, according to German media. Many Yazidi were captured and enslaved by ISIS in Iraq. Jennifer allegedly travelled to Iraq in 2014, where she became a member of the ISIS morality police tasked with ensuring women comply with regulations.