German Neo-Nazis Linked to Murders

Police in Germany have busted a neo-Nazi ring they believe carried out at least 10 murders over the past 10 years. The plot began to unravel on Nov. 4, when police hunted down two men, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, who had just robbed a bank. The men killed themselves, but police found weapons belonging to two police officers who were shot in 2007, one of whom was killed. Police then wanted to search the apartment where the men had been living, but another member of their group blew up the residence before they arrived. Still, police recovered a murder weapon, propaganda videos, and other evidence and have made two arrests. In addition to the murders, the group is suspected of at least 14 bank robberies and detonating a bomb in Cologne in 2004, injuring 22 people. There are also now allegations that members of the group worked as informants for Germany’s domestic intelligence service.