German Army Probes Soldiers Over ‘Heil Hitler’ and Other Far-Right Ties

The German military is reportedly looking into at least 275 suspected right-wing extremists within its forces, including one soldier who was allegedly heard saying “Heil Hitler.” According to a letter the country’s Defense Ministry sent to its parliament, as reported by Reuters, “About 143 of the cases were reported last year and 53 this year, the ministry wrote in its 15-page answer, detailing incidents of soldiers performing Nazi salutes or uttering racist remarks against servicemen with migrant backgrounds.” One case involved a soldier conspicuously saying “Heil Hitler,” and “Sieg Heil, comrades” among other Nazi phrases. “The case was passed on to the military prosecutor and the public prosecutor's office, but neither an early dismissal nor a service ban took place,” the ministry wrote in its letter. Such salutes, and other public displays of Nazi symbolism and support, are illegal in Germany.