George W. Bush May Take the Stand

George W. Bush may soon be taking the stand, though it won’t be the grilling over torture that some are hoping for. Instead, Bush was ordered to appear by a Texas district judge presiding over a property dispute involving his presidential library at Southern Methodist University. According to the Associated Press, “Gary Vodicka, who was forced out of his condominium by SMU to make way for the project, contends the university coveted the property as the future site of the library even before Bush ran for the White House, and lied about its intentions.” The order has been stayed pending an appeal, “but if it stands, it could be historic: No sitting or former president ever has been forced to testify in a state court proceeding, according to John Martin, one of Bush's attorneys.” “I was humbled by the ruling," said Vodicka, 49. “No one person is supposed to be above the law. And Bush is trying to act like he is.” We hear you, Gary.