Sorry He’s Not Sorry

George R.R. Martin Loves ‘GoT’ Shocker

George R.R. Martin will not apologize for the “Red Wedding" that shocked Game of Thrones fans across the world this past weekend. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series on which the HBO show is based, talked to Conan O’Brien about his television audience’s reaction to the scene he wrote years ago for the book. “I always like unexpected things, and I always like the suspense to be real,” Martin explained. ‘I want my readers—and I want my viewers—to be afraid when my characters are in danger. I want them to be afraid to turn the next page, because their next character may not survive it.” The writer did admit that it is easier to kill off literary characters than those on TV, knowing it means an actor will be out of a job. But then again, if they read the books they would have seen their unemployment coming.