Geithner's Stock Rises

With the markets slightly up, Treasury Secretary Geithner's "stock, once traded like the beleaguered Citigroup, is rising," writes The Wall Street Journal's David Wessel. When the markets go down, he'll be a moron again. No one knows this better than former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who's a big fan of his successor. Though their personalities couldn't be more different, their economic philosophies have similar roots. The two, both Dartmouth graduates with backgrounds in the New York City financial world, have a strong respect for each other. Paulson, who like Geithner faced some (well-deserved?) criticism while coping with the economic crisis, is writing a book about the challenge of one of the toughest jobs in the world. "It's difficult to get the politics, the policy and the market reaction all right at any one point in time. It's virtually impossible to get all three of them right, but if you get any one of them very wrong, then you're not going to succeed," Paulson says. Geithner would likely agree.