Gay Couple Suing Conservative Group

Thomas Privitere and Brian Edwards were not pleased when they found out the photo they'd used to announce their engagement was used by a conservative nonprofit to attack Jean White, a Republican politician who supports the right to same-sex civil unions. The original photo was taken in Brooklyn but ahead of Colorado’s Republican primary, a group called Public Advocate of the United States photoshopped the image of the two men kissing over a background of snow-covered trees, stamped it with the words "State Senator Jean White's Idea of 'Family Values?'" and sent it out as a mailer. Now Privitere, Edwards, and the photographer who snapped the couple's happy moment are suing the group for copyright infringement and misappropriating their likeness. "We are heartbroken that our images may have been seen by gay and lesbian youth in Colorado and were left feeling ashamed of their sexual orientation because of it," Privitere said in a statement.