Gates Sends Bouquet to 911 Caller

What, no beer? Henry Louis Gates Jr. sent a bouquet of flowers to the woman who called 911 when she saw him and his driver trying to force open his door, The Boston Globe reports. Gates said the flowers were an "expression of gratitude" for Lucia Whalen, who said through her lawyer that she has been falsely called a racist since the Gates-Crowley debate began. "[Whalen] said that she really appreciated it," her lawyer and Daily Beast contributor Wendy Murphy said. "She's been getting a lot of apologies and people have been saying nice things." Sgt. James Crowley responded to Whalen's call and then arrested Gates at his home. Whalen was not invited to the “beer summit” Thursday with Gates, Crowley and President Obama, which was an attempt to defuse the national debate sparked by the incident.