Gates Meets With Karzai

The U.S. is taking a tough-love approach to Afghanistan to ensure that President Hamid Karzai makes good on his promise to reform the Afghan government. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates met with Karzai in Kabul Tuesday to emphasize that Afghan security forces need to be strengthened, but assured the leader that the U.S. would stand behind the country for the long haul. Karzai will announce his new cabinet in the next week, and it will be the first test of his alleged commitment to rid the government of corruption. Though lawmakers have asked Karzai to submit a full list of ministers for approval, he has conceded to only 40 percent of his cabinet list. Gates also vowed to Karzai that the U.S. will not repeat its mistake of abandoning Afghanistan, like it did in 1989 when the country was battling the Soviets.