Generation Gap

'Gals' Unamused by Friess's Aspirin Joke

For anyone under the age of 70, it was hard to tell what Foster Friess meant when he told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that back in his day, women would put a Bayer aspirin between their knees for birth control. Apparently this a classic, old-timey joke, Friess explained in another MSNBC interview after receiving significant backlash from women's groups. "Back in my days, they didn't have the birth control pill, so to suggest that Bayer aspirin could be considered a birth control is pretty ridiculous and quite funny. So I think that was the gist of the story." The National Organization for Women president has demanded an apology from Friess. But what does Rick Santorum—the presidential hopeful who's campaign has been largely funded by Friess—think about all this? He told Fox News on Thursday that the joke was "stupid" and "off-color" and not at all reflective of his campaign's beliefs. UPDATE: Friess has since apologized for the comment with a note on his blog acknowledging its offensiveness.