Gaga Stuns at Brit Awards

After hearing the news of her close friend Lee "Alexander" McQueen’s passing, Lady Gaga revamped her plan for last night’s Brit Awards performance. Instead of her rehearsed routine—she was supposed to sing "Pokerface" in another of her over-the-top performances—Gaga sang an acoustic version of her single "Telephone" and an electronic version of a lesser-known song titled "Dance in the Dark." The singer wore all white and was surrounded on stage by fog machines and a giant statue of herself adorned in the infamous McQueen-designed lobster heels from her "Bad Romance" video. Gaga, who was rumored to have wanted to perform in all black, arrived to the show in a tiered white dress and wig. The wig stayed for the performance but the pop star paired it with a much sleeker, sheer lace bodysuit for the stage.