Inside the Bunker

Gaddafi's Daughter Gives Rare Interview

Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha Gaddafi gave a rare interview this week from inside her family bunker—only hours before it was hit by NATO bombs. The younger Gaddafi predictably dismissed the rebels as “terrorists” and trash-talked President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She seemed to be against the very idea of electoral democracy, and dismissed the Arabs who have not stood by her father as traitors. While the Gaddafi children had been spread out all over the globe prior to the crisis, Gaddafi said the war had brought her family together “like one hand.” She remained steadfast about her father’s victory, but admitted when she tells her children bedtime stories of the afterlife, now it’s “to make them ready.” “In a time of war, you never know when a rocket or bomb might hit you, and that will be the end,” she said.