Gaddafi Forces Spill Into Tunisia

Rebels and Gaddafi forces have been embroiled in a two-day battle for Wazin, a critical southern border post with Tunisia. But Gaddafi's forces crossed the line on Friday when they crossed the border into Tunisia in at least 15 armed trucks, opening fire in civilian areas and wounding two young girls. They were met by Tunisian soldiers and the country's officials declared outrage over the intrusion, claiming this to be the third time Gaddafi's forces have crossed the border. However, a spokesman for the Tunisian military said "there is no conflict" between Libya and Tunisia and that Tunisia would not close off its border. Tens of thousands of Libyan refugees have passed through Wazin to escape to Tunisia in recent days, and the U.N. has expressed concern that civilians will be caught in the battle that erupted on Thursday night. By Friday afternoon, Tunisian officials said tensions surrounding the border had receded.