Gaddafi Accepts A.U. Peace Plan

He’s not the most trustworthy guy, but this is still cause for hope: Libya’s Col. Muammar Gaddafi agreed Sunday to a “road map” for peace with rebels presented by the African Union, whose top leaders paid him a visit in Tripoli. The agreement calls for an immediate ceasefire, for cooperating with humanitarian aid, and for starting a dialogue with the rebels. It does not, however, make any mention of Gaddafi leaving office. NATO allowed African Union planes to enter the no-fly zone over Libya, but said it would not accept any agreement that didn’t include transferring Gaddafi out of power. Rebel leaders are skeptical of the plot, though, since Gaddafi has long been a champion of the African Union and Libya holds a spot on its 15-member board. He also has wide support among the AU nations. The AU delegation plans to meet with rebels on Monday, and has called on NATO to suspend airstrikes to “give the cease-fire a chance.”