FT Columnist: Charlie Hebdo ‘Stupid’

According to a columnist at the Financial Times, the French magazine that had its editor and cartoonists assassinated today was “stupid” for daring to insult Muslims. In a column posted on the same day that at least 12 people were killed at Charlie Hebdo’s office, Tony Barber wrote that the magazine exercised “editorial foolishness.” He went on: “If the magazine stops just short of outright insults, it is nevertheless not the most convincing champion of the principle of freedom of speech.” Of course, “this is not in the slightest to condone the murderers... it is merely to say that some common sense would be useful at publications... which purport to strike a blow for freedom when they provoke Muslims, but are actually just being stupid.”Update: This item has been corrected to note the piece was an opinion column, and not an editorial.