Good Old Days

Friendster to Erase Old Posts, Photos

Remember the good old days of 2003, when everyone was talking about this new social-media site called Friendster? If you forgot, you’re not alone: The site, which has become a virtual ghost town in recent years, has been replaced by giants like Facebook, and now it will erase all old posts and photos at the end of May as part of a redesign of the whole concept, the owners announced Tuesday. Friendster’s current owner, MOL Global of Malaysia, said the site’s basic profile and lists of friends would remain intact, but the old blog posts and photos would be gone as it becomes more of an entertainment site. Despite being largely ignored in recent years, many old users were nostalgic about the loss of the site. “These old networks are our memories,” Dannah Boyd, a social-media researcher at Microsoft, told The New York Times.