French Voters Head to the Polls in Runoff Presidential Election

French voters are heading to the polls on Sunday in the country’s presidential election, choosing between far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen and liberal centrist Emmanuel Macron. Sunday’s vote is a runoff between the top two candidates from the country’s hotly contested first round of elections. Early returns showed a low turnout and Macron firmly in the lead. Le Pen is an anti-immigrant populist who has said she would attempt to take France out of the Eurozone, the European Union and NATO, while Macron has campaigned on a pro-EU platform and garnered the endorsement of former U.S. President Barack Obama. Macron’s campaign was thrown into chaos late Friday when it announced just before a moratorium on campaigning that it was the victim of a cyberattack and that emails purported to be from campaign officials were posted online. Amid security concerns, as many as 50,000 French police officers have been deployed nationwide to ensure safety.