Frat Posted Pics of Nude, Sleeping Girls

Penn State University suspended a fraternity after police discovered a private Facebook page where members posted images of partially naked women while they were passed out or sleeping, according to a search warrant obtained by on Monday. According to the warrant, several members of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity hosted two private pages that featured photos of drug sales, hazing, and images of victims, who are mostly women, appearing to be sleeping or passed out, said Lt. Keith Robb of the State College Police. The first page, “Covert Business Transactions,” was shuttered after a victim allegedly found out, but it was later replaced with “2.0,” according to the warrant. The page had nearly 150 members including current students and alumni and police said they found about 20 photos for evidence. Police are investigating along with Penn State’s Office of Student Conduct and Interfraternity Council.