Frat Caught Singing to Lynch ‘N------s’

University of Oklahoma President David Boren slammed his school’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter for singing “there’ll never be a nigger at SAE” and something about “hanging from a tree.” In a press conference Monday, Boren stressed the school’s “zero-tolerance policy” toward racism. “As far as I’m concerned, [the fraternity] will not be back. Not as long as I’m president,” Boren said, adding the university will probe not only the fraternity but “individual perpetrators,” and investigate “whether we can take action against individual students.” Apparently the video surfaced after a tipster sent it to a black campus activist group, which then posted it on Twitter.

Boren immediately shut down the SAE chapter and said frat members have until midnight to pack their bags. “You are disgraceful. You have violated all that we stand for. You should not have the privilege of calling yourselves ‘Sooners.’” Boren said racists across the country deserve the same harsh treatment. The frat house was vandalized after the video went public.