France’s Cardboard Box Killer

France's new favorite hobby is following the twists and turns in the case of a double-murder suspect who escaped prison last month by way of a cardboard box. The alleged killer, Jean-Pierre Treiber, is an accomplished woodsman who has evaded police so far and sent letters to a girlfriend mocking the futile attempts of pursuers to capture him. In one note, Treiber, who is accused of poisoning a couple in 2004 to steal their credit cards, wrote, "I have swapped one prison for another, larger one… At the moment I am in a very beautiful forest, I think all the different species of trees are here and it's really very lovely. It is nice with the mist and the deer and the boar." Treiber's boasts and his successful evasion have stoked immense media interest and captivated the French public.