France Begins Clearing Calais ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp

French authorities have begun clearing out the so-called Jungle migrant camp at Calais, where 1,200 police and officials are working to remove at least 7,000 people from the squalid conditions. According to BBC News, the first 60 coach buses full of migrants left the camp as of Monday morning, transporting the people to various refugee centers across the country. When all migrants exit the camp, officials will begin dismantling it. The operation is expected to take three days. Calais, which has been the temporary home to many migrants attempting to make their way to the United Kingdom, became a flashpoint for protests by locals and truck operators as well as the site of many reports of violence. British officials have reportedly begun to accept some of the 1,300 unaccompanied minors that were staying at Calais.