Fox’s Bret Baier Apologizes for Clinton Indictment Report

Fox News anchor Bret Baier apologized for saying on Wednesday afternoon that the FBI would “continue to likely an indictment” of Hillary Clinton for her private email server. Agency sources, Baier, claimed, had relayed with “99-percent accuracy” that Hillary Clinton’s private email server “had been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies.” The indictment remark drew heavy criticism, and various right-wing outlets continued to run with the story, even though Baier walked it back the following day. The Special Report anchor on Friday offered a full-throated apology. “I explained a couple of times yesterday the phrasing of one of my answers to Brit Hume on Wednesday night, saying it was inartful the way I answered the last question about whether the investigations would continue after the election,” Baier told the Business Insider. “And I answered that, ‘Yes, our sources said it would. They would continue to likely an indictment.’” He continued: “That just wasn’t inartful, it was a mistake, and for that I’m sorry.” He did, however, stand by his reporting on the fact that the FBI is currently investigating the Clinton Foundation. “All of us who’ve been working this story at Fox have now circled back with our sources, more than six of them now with specific knowledge of the Clinton investigations,” he said. “They confirmed that there is an active investigation into the Clinton Foundation that has been going on for more than a year, it is continuing and for those investigators working it it is a priority.”