On Glory Day

Fox Previews Madonna on Glee

A one-minute preview released by Fox has fanned the flames over an upcoming episode of Glee that will feature Madonna's songs. The sneak peek has already revealed "La Isla Bonita" as a part of the show, and Quinn (Dianna Agron) is supposedly singing "Papa Don't Preach." Sue (Jane Lynch) will cover "Vogue," while Rachel (Lea Michele) will belt "Express Yourself." There are some rumors circulating that some of Madonna's newer songs will also get the Glee treatment, with "4 Minutes" being among the top contenders for a contemporary cover. Show creator Ryan Murphy claims that the show will be sensational: "It's got like 10 numbers in it, and the production value is very big. We adore her and worship her, so when I'm directing, I'm always like, 'Do it for Madonna.'" The show will air April 13, but until then, enjoy the clip ad nauseum.