Fox Newsroom Split on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has come to define Fox News during Barack Obama’s presidency, but that doesn’t mean he fits in: The Washington Post’s media critic Howie Kurtz wrote a story on Monday detailing mixed feelings about Glenn Beck within Fox News. What are the best parts? Beck joined Bill O’Reilly’s “Bold & Fresh” tour against the wishes of Fox News management; “[Fox News Chairman Roger] Ailes has occasionally spoken to Beck about the negative tone of his 5 p.m. program”; Fox News tried to get Beck to postpone an appearance with Jay Leno until the storm over his “Obama is a racist” comments passed; and “Beck has caused such anguish at Fox that some of its journalists celebrated the failure of last week's interview with embattled ex-congressman Eric Massa, which Beck pronounced a waste of time.” Also, when news breaks during Beck’s program, his fans inundate Fox News journalists’ email inboxes to complain about the interruption.