Fox News to Air Trump Showing Off His Gold-Plated Home

Fox News announced Wednesday that it will air a new one-hour special in which Donald Trump gives a tour of his famously ostentatious residence and shows off his material possessions for viewers. The special, titled OBJECTified: Donald Trump, and hosted by TMZ founder Harvey Levin, will air Friday, at 10 p.m. ET. It will re-air twice throughout the weekend, with 8 p.m. airings on Saturday and Sunday. According to the network’s press release, Levin and Trump will tour the home while the president-elect “showcases the objects in his home and offers the stories behind each memento.” Fox News has long been accused—with the general exceptions of Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace—of being too cozy with Trump. Prime-time host Sean Hannity reportedly advised Trump in an unofficial capacity during the campaign, and provided millions of dollars of free airtime to the candidate. A handful of the network’s other stars, from Eric Bolling to Jeanine Pirro to Lou Dobbs, have been among the reality-TV star’s most vocal boosters. Before he announced his presidential run, Trump appeared weekly on Fox & Friends to discuss news of the day.