Fox News Star Swears He Isn’t Fantasizing About Trump’s Penis

Fox News political analyst Brit Hume late Tuesday offered reassurances on Twitter that he is not “having fantasies about Trump’s penis” in a heated debate about the president’s recent physical exam. Hume was in the midst of defending President Trump against claims of a major discrepancy in his physical exam, the details of which were revealed to the public Tuesday. Hume’s defense of the president prompted a producer for The Daily Show to suggest Hume might soon begin “aggressively defending the size of Trump’s penis.” Hume was quick to “assure” social media users he is having no such “fantasies.” “You’ll need to look elsewhere,” he wrote in response to the joke. The unexpected veering off into the topic of Trump’s genitalia came as journalists questioned why Trump’s recent physical exam put his height at 6-foot-3 rather than 6-foot-2, which is the height reportedly listed on his New York driver’s license and in previous reports. Maggie Haberman, a reporter for The New York Times, noted that the extra inch means the difference between being classified as obese rather than overweight.