Fox News Claims Bezos’ Lover, Lauren Sanchez, Showed Photos and Texts to Friends

Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, shared photos and texts from the Amazon billionaire with “several” of her female friends, an unnamed source has claimed to Fox News. Bezos has hired investigators in an attempt to find out how salacious material ended up in the hands of the National Enquirer, which he accused last week of trying to blackmail him. The investigators are reportedly aware that Sanchez shared photos and texts because they were able to trace the material in her storage cloud. It’s not known if the material Sanchez shared with friends was sexually explicit. Meanwhile, her brother, Michael Sanchez—who, sources told The Daily Beast, supplied the couple’s racy texts to the Enquirer—admitted being a source for AMI, the Enquirer's parent company. While he denied leaking intimate selfies with the publisher, he admitted that he arranged a photo op with Lauren Sanchez as she went to a Santa Monica airport and got on a helicopter, with AMI’s Us Weekly going on to run the pictures. He was also reportedly due to meet Dylan Howard, AMI’s vice president, ahead of the story about Bezos’ affair—but the meeting was canceled after Bezos pre-empted it by tweeting about his divorce.