Forty Killed as Gaddafi Tries to Retake Zawiyah

Once more, forces loyal to Col. Muammar Gaddafi attempted to re-take the rebel-held city of Zawiyah on Wednesday, leading to the deaths of 40 people. Reports indicated that Gaddafi troops had moved through the city center and that there were casualties on both sides. State television trumpeted that the Gaddafi forces had broken the rebels’ hold on the city, a strategic post 30 miles from Tripoli, but did not air any images of the supposed victory. Rebels appear to hold the city center, while a government spokesman in the capital said Gaddafi's forces controlled most of the city and were closing in on the small opposition contingent. Loyalist snipers are on the tops of buildings, shooting anyone who dares to leave home. Zawiyah has been a rebel stronghold throughout most of the three-week rebellion.