Former President's Family Arrested

During the massive protests that rocked Tehran yesterday, the daughter and four other relatives of former President Hashemi Rafsanjani were reportedly arrested, which, if true, means an escalation of the Iranian government's crackdown. Iran's state press are reporting between 13 and 19 deaths and over 100 injuries from Saturday's protests after police used guns, tear gas, and water cannons to stifle thousands of demonstrators. Meanwhile, BBC Tehran correspondent Jon Leyne has been kicked out of Iran for filing "false news and reports, ignoring impartiality, supporting the insurgents, trampling the rights of the Iranian nation, fanning the unrest and also provoking public opinion," according to Fars News, a government mouthpiece. Sunday so far has been calm, but protests are expected to begin again around 5 p.m. Opposition leader Mir Hussein Mousavi told supporters on Saturday to strike if he is arrested, saying, "I am ready for martyrdom."