Former Philly Cop Charged With Raping Witnesses, Suspects

A former Philly police officer was arraigned Tuesday on multiple counts of raping and sexually assaulting male witnesses and suspects during his more than a decade-long career as a detective, CBS News reports. Philip Nordo, 52, was arraigned Tuesday afternoon on more than 35 counts of intimidation, sexual misconduct, rape and stealing city funds, according to a grand jury report. Nordo—who was working in the homicide division at the time of the alleged events—was fired in 2017 after being accused of placing funds in a witness' commissary account. “Nordo used his power and position to coerce and intimidate his potential victims,” the grand jury report says, noting that the department veteran also fraternized with people who were connected to criminal investigations. “He groomed them to submit to his sexually coercive advances by gaining their trust and bestowing favors on them. After these periods of grooming, Nordo sexually assaulted them,” the report alleges. Nordo, who maintains his innocence, was ordered held without bail during a hearing Tuesday. Philadelphia Police Chief Richard Ross called the allegations against him "disturbing, troubling, and quite frankly, a lot of it's sickening."