Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy Thinks President Trump Will Face Indictment in Manhattan

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy thinks President Trump will be indicted in Manhattan Federal Court on campaign finance charges. McCarthy, a contributing editor at National Review who had worked as chief assistant U.S. attorney, made this prediction during an appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend, when discussing Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation. Citing the Southern District of New York’s sentencing memorandum in the case of Michael Cohen, the one-time Trump lawyer who will be sentenced Dec. 12 for making illegal pre-election payoffs to two women. In the memo, prosecutors state that Cohen acted “in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1,” who has been publicly identified as Trump. “They are clearly going after the president on campaign finance violations,”McCarthy said. “And I think if you read the sentencing memo the Southern District filed in Cohen’s case, it’s clear that Trump is the target and will be indicted eventually.” “I can’t come to any other conclusion,” he also said. McCarthy also penned an op-ed posted on expanding on this position. He did make clear, however, that Justice Department policy is not to indict a sitting president.