Former Boss: Latimer Wasn't Important

In a blistering attack in The Wall Street Journal, the senior staffer who hired on speechwriter Matt Latimer to the Bush administration writes that his tell-all book reveals "foolishness and vanity" from a man who thought himself more important than he was. Bill McGurn writes that Latimer portrays former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld well in the book because he's on Rumsfeld's "payroll" for writing his memoirs, and because of a scene at the end of Latimer's book where Rumsfeld tells him "You were my star." McGurn says if Bush had told Latimer he was a star, "we would have a very different book." He also writes that Latimer tries to inflate his importance and credibility by writing about riding on Air Force One and his office in the West Wing, but that he was kicked out of his office and was "not important." Fighting words.