Florist Behind Melania Trump’s Red Trees Calls Backlash ‘Horrible’

A volunteer florist who helped the White House construct Melania Trump’s infamous red Christmas trees told USA Today that she doesn’t understand the “horrible” social-media backlash against the bright, berry-adorned trees. “I don’t know who first said it. Or why,” Ohio florist Vickie Wenstrup said. “The first thing I saw (on Google) was ‘Melania Trump covers the White House in blood for Christmas.’” While the first lady’s team thought of the red tree concept for the East Colonnade of the East Wing, Wenstrup and about 250 other volunteers labored for three days to make her vision a reality, sticking red berries on white styrofoam cones and working on other White House decorations. While Twitter users claimed the trees reminded them of blood or horror movies, Wenstrup said the trees may have been inspired by the holly topiary trees on White House grounds or the White House Red Room. First Lady Melania Trump defended the red trees this past week, telling people at a town hall that “everybody has a different taste” in the 21st century. “I think they look fantastic. I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real life, they look even more beautiful,” Trump said.