Florida Jail Inmate Uses 'Skill Set' and Coat Hanger to Free Baby Trapped in Car

A Florida jail inmate used a coat hanger and his purported “skill set” to help free an infant locked inside an SUV, according to NBC Miami.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Thursday that a baby was locked inside a vehicle outside a local courthouse.

The parents told cops that they couldn’t afford to hire a locksmith, and his dad said he planned to break the driver’s side window.  

Before the father had to smash the glass, five low-risk offenders and a Pasco County Sheriff’s deputy supervising them said they would help.

The father and several inmates pried open the door slightly, so the other inmate could use the coat hanger to press an electronic lock that was located on the door.  Sheriff Chris Nocco reportedly said that this inmate’s “skill set” was handy, then joking that people can break into vehicles “only when a deputy is around and we give permission…”