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Florida Hispanics Lean to Romney

Despite his relatively harsh stances on immigration, Mitt Romney is leading Newt Gingrich by 15 points among Hispanic voters in Florida. The loyalty of most Hispanics in the state, however, is still with the president: according to the poll Obama would win 50 percent of the Latino vote in Florida if he were to go up against Romney in November. Perhaps Romney's wish that Florida's Hispanic Republicans would care more about the economy than immigration has come true. Or perhaps Newt's recent pandering to the Latino community hasn't erased the memory of the nasty things he's said about Spanish speakers in the past. Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio—himself an immigrant of Cuban descent—slammed Gingrich's latest Spanish-language radio ad that claims his rival Romney is “anti-immigrant.” Rubio called the message “inaccurate” and “inflammatory.”