Florida Cop Fired for Racist Remarks, Now Back on the Force

A police officer in Boca Raton, Florida, who was fired over racist comments is now back on the streets just eight months later. The City of Boca Raton rehired former Sgt. Jeremy Codling after terminating him for using the n-word and lying under oath. According to documents obtained from the city by CBS, a police union helped get Codling his job back, despite the disturbing findings in his internal affairs investigation. The city terminated Codling on March 5th of this year, but rehired him in November. According to city records, his termination was overturned through an arbitration process that required Codling to write an apology letter to the colleague who originally filed the complaint and to attend sensitivity training. He was also given a slight downgrade in pay. Former Boca Raton Police Chief Andrew Scott told CBS the case is an example of how departments often times have their hands tied when it comes to troublesome officers. “The city is compelled to let them back into some form of their previous position and yet the officer may be incompetent,” Scott said. “The officer may have these specific issues that could impact on the qualities of law enforcement delivered to the general public.”