Flight Attendant Released From Jail

The exit wasn’t quite as dramatic this time, but flight attendant Steven Slater is a free man, at least for now, after pleading not guilty to reckless endangerment and posting his $2,500 bail. Addressing the throng of reporters waiting for him outside the prison, Slater said, "I knew there was a brouhaha about this, but while I was on the inside I didn't realize how much attention it got.” He went on, "I think something about this resonated with people. The outpouring of support is very appreciated. I'm overwhelmed, very thankful.” He then got in a cab, but the cab driver was so distracted by the media that he forced Slater to get out after driving just one block. "It was attention he wasn't prepared to deal with,” Slater said after walking back to the jail, before admitting, "I'm tired. I want a hot bath and a good meal."