Baby Among Five People Found Dead in Texas Home

Five people were found dead inside a Texas home on Monday, local news station KHOU reports. The five victims were reportedly found dead with “apparent gunshot wounds” after the Polk County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding “multiple assault victims” Monday morning. In a press conference, Chief Deputy Byron Lyons told reporters that three bodies were found shot on the scene—with two inside the Blanchard Community home and three outside. The victims included a husband and wife, a great grandchild, a daughter-in-law, and her husband. One of the victims was a 15-month-old child. Lyons said police were “not looking for a suspect” at this time but he declined to describe the crime as a murder-suicide. Lyons also confirmed a woman locked in a back bedroom in the house called her son after she heard “commotion” going on downstairs. The son then notified police about his mothers' concerns, and the woman was later found by police unharmed. “This is a horrible, horrific scene. A horrible, horrific crime,” Lyons said. “This is something we’re not used to… but we very well know we’re not immune to it.”