Five Arrested After Setting Fire to a Model of London’s Grenfell Tower, Where 72 Died

Five men have been arrested in Britain after a model of Grenfell Tower—the London apartment block where 72 people were killed in a devastating blaze in June 2017—was burned on a bonfire. Footage posted on social media shows a large model bearing a Grenfell Tower sign, complete with paper figures at the windows, being set on fire while a crowd laughs. Onlookers can be heard shouting “Help me! Help me!” and “Jump out the window!” and, at the end of the clip, a person can be heard saying: “That’s what happens when they don’t pay their rent.” The five were arrested Monday on public order offenses. Bonfires are traditional this time of year in Britain, commemorating Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605. Moyra Samuels, part of the Justice for Grenfell campaign group, told the BBC the video was “a disgusting attack on vulnerable people.” British Prime Minister Theresa May called the video “utterly unacceptable.”