Firefight Rocks Tripoli

Muammar Gaddafi is still on the loose, and now with a cash bounty on his head, but his foreign minister admits the regime is finished. Meanwhile, Gaddafi’s son Saadi, who rebels said was captured on Sunday but who now appears to be out of rebel hands, has reportedly emailed CNN’s Nic Robertson, saying he wants to negotiate a ceasefire with U.S. and NATO officials to save the nation from “a sea of blood.” Muammar Gaddafi released a defiant audio message on Wednesday morning calling on residents of Tripoli to turn on the “devils and traitors” who have overrun it. French President Nicolas Sarkozy met with the prime minister of the rebel government Wednesday, and assured him that his government still had the support of NATO forces as long as Gaddafi is at large. Al Jazeera English reported that more than a dozen dead bodies were in the streets of Tripoli early Thursday morning as fierce fighting continued between the Libyan rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi.