Fire Delays Lil' Wayne's Sentencing

"They kant lok up my heart bekuz y'all already have it on lok. ......thank u," rapper Lil' Wayne tweeted after a fire in the Manhattan Criminal Court Building prevented him from facing the judge that was to sentence the New Orleans rapper. Wayne was expected to be given a sentence of eight to 12 months and finally be taken to the detention center at Riker's Island for weapons and drug charges to which he pleaded guilty last October. The rapper had already received a February 9 extension for dental problems (he reportedly received eight root canals), and he has made effective use of his borrowed time. He set up a Twitter account under the name of "liltunechi," fixed his aforementioned grill, and supposedly filmed seven music videos, to be released while he is in jail. It's unclear when the next sentencing appointment would present itself, but Wayne is staying in New York in case the courthouse opens tomorrow.