Financial Times Journalist Denied Entry Into Hong Kong

Financial Times journalist Victor Mallet was denied entry to Hong Kong on Thursday after local authorities declined to extend his work visa, Bloomberg reports. Mallet reportedly tried to enter Hong Kong as a visitor, but he was questioned for several hours by immigration officers and turned away. “We have not received an explanation for the recent rejection of Victor Mallet’s work visa and have appealed against the decision,” the Financial Times said. Mallet came under fire in August after he reportedly hosted a talk by the leader of a “now-banned pro-independence party” while he was acting president of Hong Kong’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club—despite the Chinese Foreign Ministry requesting he cancel the event. The incident with Mallet came a day after the Hong Kong Jockey Club reportedly barred Ma Jian—an author who wrote a novel critical of Chinese President Xi Jinping—from speaking at a Hong Kong International Literary Festival venue.